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This site is dedicated to great sites, providing a wealth of information and links of interest to Christians. These resources are some of the best around. Chances are if you didn't find what you were looking for on my web site, one of the resources below will help you out.

Christian Resources

GOSHEN stands for Global Online Service Helping Evangelize Nations, was selected "Site of the Year" by Best of the Christian Web. It has an extensive Christian search engine and directory, daily devotionals, free classified ads, Christian shareware, and online study tools.

"The Best of The Christian Web" for other outstanding resources and information.

Koinonia House
Koinonia is a New Testament word which is most often translated to mean "communication", "fellowship", or "communion". Koinonia House, or K-House as it is affectionately called, is dedicated to the development and distribution of materials for encouraging and facilitating serious study of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God. Founded by Chuck & Nancy Missler

Stand to Reason
Building Christian Thinkers for the Public Defense of the Faith

Gospel Communications Network
Online Christian Resources - covers the full range of subjects - one of the most comprehensive sites around.

OurChurch.Com is an organization dedicated to helping the Christian Church better use the Internet as a tool for ministry.

Southern California Connection
Information specific to Southern California - links, churches, radio stations and more.

Be sure to check out this site's very own special pages of interest.

Specific Information

A resource of links that will touch on everything from how to deal with Jehovah Witnesses and other non-Christian religions and more.

Apologotics (additional links)
Additional Apologetic links courtesy of Stand to Reason

This is where you will find biblical answers to important contemporary questions!

For the rest of your search needs - try "All the Web, All the Time"- it's one of my favorite search engines (other than google).

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