Christian Radio Stations

The Fish 95.9 The Best Full-Time Christian Music Station around.

KKLA 99.5
A multitude of programs including conservative Christian Talk Radio at its very best. If you really want to hear what the main stream media is NOT reporting, tune into KKLA. KKLA also features the ministries of Chuck Swindoll and John MacArthur among others.

KTLW 88.9 - Lancaster & 91.3 - Los Angeles, California
KTLW and THE LIVING WAY RADIO NETWORK of translator stations will broadcast music and ministry features which will consistently communicate the love of God and the true joy of Spirit-filled Christian living. Truth proclaimed in this positive way will prepare the soil of listeners' souls to receive the spiritual seeds we will sow, and many listeners will be drawn to Christ and His "Living Way."

KWAVE 107.9 - San Clemente, California
When Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa acquired the 50-thousand watt commercial FM radio station KWVE on April 15, 1985, its purpose was that of an outreach ministry. The solid scriptural teaching programs, along with the "Music of Praise and Worship", combine to minister to the body of Christ in a style which is unique to K-WAVE.

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